Don't be afraid to dreams for out of such things comes miracles
Seeing Eye to Eye
Getting along with your boss If you're having trouble with your boss, you'renot alone. Countless career paths have changed due to a sour employer-employee relationship. Here are some tips to promote a more harmonious relationship: * Don't try to change your boss if he is difficult on you or if you dislike him. Instead, try to understand him and his manner of working and make attempt to adjust accordingly. * Learn what he likes best and what he hates. After all, he's a human and will have his strenghts and weaknesses. * Keep him informed. No boss like to hear about things from the people. Always inform him first whether it's the latest development on your project, an issue in the office or a personal concern. * Always give him a helping hand and ask how you can contribute. Your boss will definitely value and offer which makes his task easier. * Make sure you keep your words. If you think you won't be able to accomplish something in the given timeframe, provide alternatives. * Never talk negatively about your boss behind his back. Things a way of getting arround and even people with the best of intentions can accindentally let things slip. Nah ini pengalaman sendiri ketika kerja kemaren barengan seorang temen pas dianya ditegor karena mutlak kesalahan dia what he said " you had to respect of me first so I'll respect to you" ck ck ck jadi timbal balik harus dari orang dulu ya..??? and never look at how and who you are.. satu pesanku kawan...penghargaan akan dirimu akan datang dengan sendirinya jika kamupun mau menghargai orang jadi tolong bukankah seorang penari yang baik adalah "dia yang bisa mengikuti irama gendang" dimanapun engkau berada berusahalah untuk menyesuaikan dirimu bukan lingkunagn sekitar yang kau paksa untuk mengikuti kemauanmu...salam untuk seorang teman...

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Name : Herman Akbar Fajar
Location : Howell - Michigan
Nationality: Indonesian
Don't be afraid to dream For Out Of such things Comes Miracles I'm only an ordinary man living in an ordinary world, In order to discover who you're, first learn who's everybody else, You're what's left. Love:arts, Music, drawing, painting, Pearljam is my fav, and my inspirations.
Born and grown up in Bandung the capital city of west Java called Parahyangan, Paris van Java
The flower city with pleasant climate

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